Jessica Osunde

Jessica Osunde

Letter to My Younger Self

Hey Beautiful girl,

You may not see this now, but you don’t have to hide behind the loudest or the boldest, that isn’t the only sign of strength. Just Speak out! You are just as important.You don’t need to be afraid of them leaving just because that what you seen happen fromthe beginning, that was him, that was then, that isn’t you. Your heart is your gift not yourweakness. No matter what anyone tells you they are just intimidated by the overflowing potential you radiate.

Queen it isn’t going to be an easy ride, this thing called life but trust and listen to thatintuition, that feeling deep inside, that’s the MostHigh He never left you, He created youjust like this for a reason. Embrace it, love it, Express it in all the ways God intended. NOW LIVE IT!!

From this day forward you own the abundant queen that you are. Stand in front of thesounds let the waves push you higher everyday spend time you like its pure gold andeverything you touch will glisten. Be bold queen take action, you vibrate from the inside out it’s time for you to shout it out let them here it at the back!

You ooze class and elegance, though you may not have always seen it or believed it at the start but from the moment your eyes are truly opened to your true virtue, spend everyday existing in it stating that beauty in only what serves you.

Finally, Girl, put on that jacket of masculinity the one that was handed to you by your truebrothers and father figures that crossed your path, whether it was intentional orunintentional. You soaked it up from ego or just pure wisdom. Shield and protect that precious energy you hold, it’s yours and you’ll only make the right choices, but only if you doit through the true Spirit within.

You’ll never fail with Him because he is the source, and he has your back no matter what.

Love you always,

Adesua Jessica Osarimen Osunde

Contributed by Jessica Osunde


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