Letter to My Younger Self

An enriching project that offers readers the chance to share their own stories. To arrive at the peak of your thoughts and emotions, you must first see and understand the synthesis of all your experiences of the life you've just lived. If you are interested in sharing your own story, contact us here.

Jessica Osunde

Jessica Osunde

You may not see this now, but you don’t have to hide behind the loudest or the boldest, that isn’t the only sign of strength.

Lee Kelleher Letter to My Younger Self

Lee Kelleher

I wanted to take some time out to speak to you. I’ve got quite a bit to say, so I hope you’re ready to listen, wherever you may be.

Chirag Patel

I know from a very young age you’ve felt that sense of expectation; from being an only child growing up in a single-parent household...

Yvens Tiamou Letter to My Younger Self

Yvens Tiamou

You haven’t been on holidays much in your life, but when you do, you’ve always gone to edge of where the beach meets the waters...

Femi Managwu Letter to My Younger Self

Femi Managwu

There is going to be one phrase that you are going to grow into that will essentially be your mantra: "it’s going to be okay".

Tiyana Henriques Letter to My Younger Self

Tiyana Henriques

As chaos sang at a crescendo, I became an amazing actor, locking my pain behind a red door, wincing as I heard its cries.

Nana Osei

There are going to be some people who you consider as your friends who will do this to you, and cast you to the side after.